Organized for the first time to celebrate EPTA Belgium W-B 10 years of existence, this competition, which aims at getting young pianists from all countries to meet each other, takes place every two years since 2000. Almost a thousand young piano players have competed. They come from the world over, sometimes from far away countries such as Australia, China, Azerbaidjan, Brazil, Venezuela, ...

The competition is open to all, without distinction of nationality, and has four age categories.

The “Rencontres Internationales pour Jeunes Pianistes” aim at getting young people from all horizons and qualifications to meet each other through musical performance, but also getting them to meet international teachers and jury members, during the free master classes that are given during the competition.

Concerts are organized after the competition, to allow these young players to perform in front of an audience which is necessary to acquire stage experience and to better know and master themselves. These concerts are for all laureates, not only pre-professional pianists, since musical practice is known to be a learning experience of high quality.

The "R.I.J.P." also promote musical works of our composers, since a work by a Belgian composer of the XXth or XXIst century, written for the piano, is mandatory for the 18-24 years category. Contact EPTA-Belgium W-B if you need help finding a score.

Laureates 2018

Cat. 1 (maximum 10 years old)

  • First Prize "Prix EPTA Belgium W-B":
    TOWNSEND Patrick Hideomi (United Kingdom)
  • Second Prize "Prix Librairie Point d'Orgue":
    HE Houyue (China)
  • Third Prize "Prix EPTA Belgium W-B":
    LISITSKAYA Adriana (The Netherlands)

Cat. 2 (10-14 years old)

  • First Prize "Prix du Conseil provincial du Brabant Wallon":
    FEDIURKO Roman (Ukraine)
  • Second Prize "Prix EPTA Belgium W-B":
    ILGEN Emir (Turkey)
  • Third Prize "Prix EPTA Belgium W-B":
    CHEN Daniel (Costa Rica)

Cat. 3 (14-18 years old)

  • First Prize "Prix du Conseil Provincial du Brabant Wallon":
    WANG Chong (China)
  • Second Prize "Prix EPTA Belgium W-B":
    PECNIK Mia (Croatia)
  • Third Prize "Prix EPTA Belgium W-B":
    LINKOVA Anna (Russia)

Cat. 4 (18-24 years old)

  • Grand First Prize - "Prix Fonds Baillet Latour", "Prix Pianos Maene":
    KAJENJERI Mirabelle (France)
  • Second Prize "Prix de la Commune de Grez-Doiceau":
    HAKOBYAN Edita (Armenia)
  • Third Prize "Prix EPTA Belgium W-B":
    VERMEULEN Roland (Belgium)

Prize of the "Union des Compositeurs Belges"

Best performance of the Belgian composition in Cat. 4

KAJENJERI Mirabelle (France)
"Back to the sound" - J.-L. Fafchamps

Medal of the "Union des Compositeurs Belges"

Best choice of Belgian composition in Cat. 4

HAKOBYAN Edita (Armenia)
"Campéador" - Léon Jongen

Location and Date

The 15th "Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes" will take place between 3 and 8 March, 2020, in Grez-Doiceau (Belgium).

The hotel Ibis Hotel Wavre proposes preferential prices for the candidates.


Each age category has a specific mandatory programme.


The "Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes" is for piano players of all nationalities.
The competition has four age categories:

  • 1: born after 1st April, 2009
  • 2: born after 1st April, 2005
  • 3: born after 1st April, 2001
  • 4: born after 1st April, 1995


Pictures of past sessions are on Flickr and videos are on Youtube<

Past sessions

Download the composition of the juries of past sessions (PDF) and the list of past laureates (PDF)

Registration fee

Cat.1: 70€ - Cat.2: 80€ - Cat.3: 85€ - Cat.4: 95 €
To be paid to the bank account of EPTA-BELGIUM WB asbl
IBAN: BE80 0689 3124 3877 - BIC: GKCCBEBB
Banque Belfius, Chaussée de Bruxelles, 306 - 1410 Waterloo - Belgium
Bank fees to be paid by the participant